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Bringing about GREATER

gender equality and


​I bring a unique approach to apply a gender lens to your organization, building capacity to create a more equitable and positive culture and work relations.​  

First and foremost, I work with your core values, so it is fitting to share some of the values that guide my work.  Living these values is a continual learning process:

  • Empowerment: I build capacity of organizations and people to bring about the change they want to see. 

  • Respect: I believe as human beings, we all deserve respect even when I may not agree with your behaviour.  I focus on increasing awareness, and changing behaviours, rather than blaming or shaming.  

  • Authenticity: I am upfront in my feedback, interactions and guidance.

  • Integrity: I take responsibility for my actions and aim to align my words with my actions.   

  • Compassion: We all fear change.  Changing attitudes and behaviours takes patience and empathy. I believe that compassion can increase accountability. 

  • Depth:  I address root causes.  You won’t get cookie cutter training with ALG! Training, policy and strategy is often accompanied by coaching to support you to implement effectively and sustainably.

  • Above all, I work with you to be courageous in addressing the core of your organization's issues...and do it all through an innovative, sustainable approach!

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