Creating our Vision of an Inclusive Work Environment

Updated: Oct 28

In July, ALG had to the pleasure of facilitating an inspiring virtual interactive session to discuss our vision of inclusive work environments from a place of hope and connection. More than ever, I believe we need to move TOWARDS a new vision, which takes patience, courage and conversations over time.

Among other highlights we:

1. Shared our collective vision of the inclusive work environments we wish to see.

2. What we have that can help us move towards that vision, and what more we need.

3. The importance of clarifying WHY equality and inclusion are important to your team to sustain commitment.

4. Creative tips on inclusive online facilitation, for example:

- Create group agreements

- Get creative and get moving! We need to move our bodies and engage our creative brains especially online during a time of high anxiety. Experiment with drawing and movement that accounts for needs of different people.

Curious to learn more? Reach out now for a free collaborative needs assessment!

See you soon!


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