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I offer three key highly customized services to align your organization with core values, such as equality and respect, creating a more positive work environment and relations. Click on the links to examples below to see more!

  • Training development & facilitation:       

·       Sexual harassment (see example)

        awareness, prevention, complaints

·       Women's leadership/empowerment (see example)

·       Diversity, inclusion and gender equality 

Training will generally include:

·       Needs analysis

·       Activities that create a safe space   

·       Interactive discussion of key concepts/objectives

·       Practical examples and activities            

·       Activities to encourage reflection

·       Action planning

·       Group evaluation

  • Workplace policy/strategy development: 

·       Sexual harassment and discrimination (see example)

·       Gender equality action plans/strategies (see example)

  • Organizational coaching (HR, employees, managers)

·       Implementing your policies (see example)     

Complementary services:

  • Needs analysis and surveys

  • Content and design of learning materials with Green Communication Design

  • Content review of training materials/editing (see example)

  • Translation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Other customized services available